Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Ongoing Quest for the perfect hot chocolate

It is no secret that I love hot chocolate, and I am ALWAYS searching for the perfect one. It is my favorite beverage, it is how I start my day and often times how I end it, it is what cheers me up if I am having a bad day, and what make a great day better.

Although I am perfectly capable of shaving the chocolate, making sure to have the correct amount of bitter and dark I prefer only to make it the old fashioned way on the weekend. During the week I usually take a short cut by using a beverage already blended by someone more skilled than me, someone such as Sarabeth, Angelina, Fran, Jacques and many others.

This past week I went into my pantry and to my delight or perhaps shock I had not 5, not 10, or even 15 different kinds of drinking chocolate from around the world. I had 20!!!! Sadly I found that I only drink 5 on a regular basis, the others were experiments.

I had to take two photos to get them all in without using a wide angle lens. I think I may have a problem...

That said, I will tell you that all of the hot chocolates, cocoas, and drinking chocolates shown above are excellent. If you would like any information on any of them let me know, I am sure that most are available online, but many of them I brought back from Paris on my trips. I am embarrassed to write this but I said I had a problem and this might be confirmation of that, last year I brought back 23 cans of hot chocolate. Yes, I did say 23, in my defense a few of them were gifts! I cannot wait to go to replenish my supply! This time I know which ones to get more of and which to skip.


Palomasea said...

WOW!!! This is the way to my heart:))
If I had the space, this too would be me Elizabeth..hee.

Hugs and chocolate,
- Irina

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! But you know what? If you're doing to go mad for something, go mad for chocolate I say! Lizzy x