Tuesday, June 26, 2012

4th of July Idea: Super Easy Brownies

Are you looking for an easy, "kicked" up brownie? Perusing Pinterest recently I came across this recipe from Pinch of Yum. It is SO Easy that even if you do not have the time or think you cannot bake you can handle this! These brownies would be a great addition to your 4th of July picnic, trip to watch the fireworks or around the campfire.

I love brownie batter! Brownies right out of the oven and brownies of any kind, especially at Summer picnics, but I do not like to have to make things from scratch all the time. This recipe is my answer.

A Ghirdelli box  brownie mix or your favorite box brownies with chocolate chips in the mix, and about 14 Oreos! You simply make the boxed mix using the instructions on the back of the box and add crushed Oreos, then pour into a prepared baking pan. Easy peasy!

The Oreo's melt into the batter for the most part, the chocolate chips stay soft and the whole thing is DELICIOUS! Lindsay at  Pinch of Yum makes these a little gooey in the middle, she cooks these about 25 minutes, I cooked mine about 30 minutes, and they were yummy.

Bake up a batch of these for your picnic! Enjoy your brownies and enjoy your day.


Anne said...

Oh, me oh, my! These brownies look so so YUMMY! They are so nice and thick and to think I can now have my brownies and Oreos together in one bite! ;) Thanks for the tip!!! I will definitely try these!

I just saw that you have my blog on your blog list! Thanks so much!

All the best!!! :)

Palomasea said...