Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Taste Test Magnum Bars!!!!

via Mojo Savings

Have you tried the new Magnum ice cream bars? I am not usually an ice cream person, in fact I think I probably eat it about once a year. But I was told numerous times to run not walk to the nearest store to try these bars. I didn't, and then every time I turned on the TV there was a commercial for them. I thought perhaps I was being sent a message from the chocolate gods.

Recently I purchased my first box, the double chocolate with the layer of caramel in between. Oh my goodness, I was at a loss of words.

I wish that I had not let myself be persuaded because I cannot be in the house with these things, they are so DELICIOUS! The chocolate is crunchy yet creamy, the caramel is smooth and sweet yet has a hint of salt, pair that with the vanilla ice cream and you have a decadent treat!

To date I have only tried the double chocolate with the caramel sandwiched between the two layers. I could have eaten the entire box in one sitting, thank goodness there are only three in a box.

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Jeanne said...

Oh man...I so want to!

:)) xx