Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taste Test Tuesday: Williams-Sanoma Hot Chocolate

Williams-Sonoma Rich and Creamy Hot Chocolate

Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate prepared by me.

Although, I love the frosting on a piece of chocolate cake or cupcake or a really great piece of chocolate my favorite way to enjoy chocolate is a hot chocolate (not to be confused with hot cocoa) or what I like to call drinking chocolate. I am continually on the hunt for a delicious and tasty treat that is easy to prepare at home.

Today I thought I would tell you about the Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate that was sold around the holidays. This is a hot chocolate that  is blended by Guittard and is actually little shavings of different chocolates, and is inspired by the famed Angelina cafe in Paris. It was sold for $19.99 for about 8 servings.

Chocolate Guittard shavings.
The directions say to heat one cup of milk until little bubbles appear around the edges of the pot and then add 5 tablespoons of the chocolate flakes. Stir or whisk until the chocolate is incorporated. Then pour into a mug and enjoy.

Tiny bubbles forming around pan.

Add chocolate shaving and whisk.

The finished product! Creamy and rich!

I liked the taste and thought the preparation was very easy but for my taste, I think it is too sweet, which is really ironic considering that I love sugar and anything sweet. After my first cup I modified the recipe to suit my taste, and I only added three tablespoons of the chocolate flakes and then added one square of 70% dark chocolate to give it more of a bittersweet taste.

Again, this is my opinion. My taste is not the same as yours. The product is delicious and a really wonderful drink to serve your guests or as a treat for yourself. It is only sold around the holiday's so we will have to wait until the Fall for it to be available in the stores again. It also comes in peppermint.

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