Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Best Salted Caramels EVER by Salt & Ayre

I love salted caramels! I could curl up with a box and a book and be happy for about 10 minutes...ok maybe 15 if I did not embarrass myself.

Recently I was given a box of these unbelievable salted caramels and frankly they are the best I have even eaten! They are called  Salt & Ayre and are made by Harbor Sweets.  These sweet creamy caramels are enrobed in dark chocolate and dusted with  sea salt, making the perfect sweet salty mouthful.  

Since then I may or may not have purchased another 6 boxes. In my defense I did give 1 box away to a friend.  In fact I will be ordering a lot more of these to give as Christmas gifts. 

If you are a salted caramel fan then you might want to give these a try! If you have suggestions for your favorite salted caramel then please share with me!

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Amy Sergeant said...

I love Salted Caramel! I've never tried Salt & Ayre but they sound lovely!
My faves are salted caramel creams from Hotel Chocoalt :)