Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Choctal Ice Cream Review

Did you know that ice cream is the preferred dessert of most people? Aparantly in a recent poll 40% of the participants said they would choose ice cream over cake, cookies, brownies and more. I have to be honest I was a little surprised by that. But I have to tell you that if they were eating any of the rich, decadent  ice cream from Choctal than I can see why.

Choctal if you are not familiar is "the new kid on the block" as far as premium ice cream is concerned. Currently, they make vanilla and chocolate ice cream and thats it! What makes their ice cream not only unique but special, is that they make four kinds of vanilla and four kinds of chocolate and each one is a single-origin ice cream. Meaning that a single plant from a single region is used in each different ice cream, a single variety of cocoa or vanilla bean used is in each flavor.

Now that might sound like a marketing ploy, chocolate is chocolate right? I am here to tell you that all chocolate is not created equal nor does it taste the same. The cocoa beans from each area taste different because of the soil, the climate, etc. Just like wine or coffee. In the case of Chocotal ice cream, each kind is unique, from the color to the texture and of course in the taste.

The four varieties of chocolate are, Coasta Rican Chocolate, Ghana Chocolate, Dominican Chocolate, and Kalimantan Chocolate and the tastes are as different as night and day.

For instance in the Costa Rican has hints of coffee, sweet buttery caramel and chocolate, where as the     Ghana is the lightest in color and more milk chocolate like, it is light, fruity and refreshing. The Kalimantan which is the darkest of the four has a hint of caramel and a bit of a smokey taste. The Dominican is my absolute favorite because it is like eating a spicy hot chocolate, it has hints of coffee, cloves, nutmeg and licorice all rolled into one dark ice cream. I think it is the perfect flavor for Fall!

Choctal is available at 200 stores across the U. S. including Whole Foods and Bristol Farms. Check their website for more locations or purchase directly from their web-page HERE.

NOTE: I also tasted all four flavors of the vanilla and they are all delicious!

Disclosure: I was supplied with samples of Choctal ice cream to try and review. I received no compensation in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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