Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Haagen-Dazs Midnight Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Recently I was invited to try a few gelato and ice cream selections by Haagen-Dazs and I have to tell you I was in love.  Each one was better than the next, but the Midnight Cookies and Cream was my favorite!

Unlike most cookies and cream ice creams, which feature a vanilla ice cream base, this limited edition flavor is made with dark chocolate ice cream. 

The ice cream has soft cookie chunks that are more like brownies and creamy "ribbons"of fudge evenly dispersed throughout.  The combination is rich, velvety smooth and very chocolaty. 

If you love cookies and cream ice cream and are a chocolate lover to boot than this may be something you want to try. If so you have until December as this is a limited edition flavor. For more information on Haagen-Dazs ice creams click the link.

Full disclosure: I was given a complimentary pint of this ice cream to try but all opinions are my own. 

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Palomasea said...

Hello dear Elizabeth!
I hope all is well with you, and you're enjoying this glorious Autumn...
Things have been topsy-turvy, and I'm trying to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I miss my blog friends!! :)
This ice cream flavor sounds incredible! I'm a big fan of their chocolate chocolate chip, so I'll have to seek this one out.
Sending love to you, dear friend...
- Irina