Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bakery Cakes: Yes or No?

Good morning, I hope your New Year is starting off with a bang. I feel like I have been on an extended vacation and frankly with all of the stuff going on in my life I cannot get back on track. 

This past weekend we had a rather large party for my sister and while we had many homemade desserts, we opted out of baking the cakes. We simply had to much else to do. Off we went to a bakery that came highly recommended and I have to say I was a wee bit disappointed.

Do you ever have that happen? You follow a "great" recommendation and then it doesn't work out. I think the cakes were cute and they tasted fine but I was expecting WOW! 

Not to mention that I personally make really great chocolate cakes so perhaps that was my measure.

Oh well, lesson learned, make sure that you always leave room if you are having a party to "make dessert first."

Have a great day!

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